About Ashdale Services

About Ashdale

Why us?

With over 35 years of experience you can be sure that Ashdale Resin Drives will produce quality resin driveways and installations for your home or business property.

The most important part of our business is the satisfaction of customers, we value nothing more than the recommendations they pass to us as they show off their new driveway or patio to neighbours and friends. We go above and beyond to offer the service that you deserve, and with our guarantees and optional after care package you can be sure that even after your driveway or other resin install you will have many years of high-quality performance adding value to your home or property.

Resin Driveways

A beautiful bespoke permeable driveway, patio or garden path is the ideal way to add kerb appeal to your property. With our experience in designing and knowledge of installation you’re in safe hands.  

As well as having a highly cosmetic finish with outstanding kerb appeal, resin is over 10 times more eco-friendly in comparison to concrete. Most importantly it allows water to drain naturally through the finished surface, reducing puddles and slippage. This conforms to the SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) legislation and also means planning permission is not required for resin bound driveways. Resin bound is a surface with very high anti-slip properties and it is weed resistant, meaning no more maintenance.

10 reasons to choose resin bound paving

  1. Resistant to weather conditions
  2. Aesthetically pleasing
  3. It’s permeable
  4. Natural filtration
  5. Long lasting durable surface
  6. Minimal maintenance
  7. Reduces standing water
  8. SuDS compliant
  9. No planning permission
  10. Cost effective

“The work was carried out in 12 hours and looks absolutely stunning. Our Neighbours have been around admiring our new driveway which has undoubtedly added to the value and look of our property.”

If you have questions and are looking for advice whether resin bound stone surface is appropriate for your next project, get in touch.

Tree Pits

Tree pits are typically laid with aggregates above 5mm. This is so that it creates an open texture and a highly porous surface, allowing for quicker drainage for water to feed to the roots and enabling access for air penetration.

If the root plate of the tree is covered by impervious paving, as most street trees are, vital gaseous exchange in the root zone cannot take place. It is therefore very important that they have aeration.

Resin bound tree pits are SuDS compliant. Edging details and optional collars can be installed around the base of the tree as required. In order to allow the tree to grow, a protective tree collar can be filled with a higher ratio of aggregate to resin, leaving enough growing room of 20-25mm in width around the trunk.

Tree guards are another option that can be used in order to let the tree grow without being disturbed. In terms of foot traffic, for zero foot traffic at all, it can be laid at 25mm depth. For light foot traffic, it needs to be laid at 50mm depth and for heavy foot traffic it must be laid at 75mm depth. Tree pits are trash resistant and any litter that may happen to accumulate on the surface of the resin bound tree pit can be easily swept off, vacuumed or jet washed away.

Porous | SuDS Compliant | Cosmetically Pleasing | No Stone Loss | Continued Tree Growth | Low Maintenance